Contributing Photographers


Marvin Maning is a Cebu-born photographer currently working for an online solutions provider company. After working for three years in Manila, where he learned and practiced portrait photography, he moved back to his hometown of Cebu City and continued honing his craft. With over ten years of photography experience, he has worked on various campaigns including events, food, portraits, and weddings, but always comes back to his roots doing scenic and travel photography. He enjoys working with his photographer friends, professionals and newbies alike, sharing best practices and discovering new ways to enjoy it.

Jinggo Montenejo graduated with an Engineering degree from De La Salle University and worked for more than a decade in the semiconductor industry. It was in the San Francisco Bay Area where he discovered his passion for photography. The Bay Area offered many opportunities to learn photography–from nature, wildlife, and landscapes to portraiture. He honed his photography skills by attending workshops and seminars conducted by top portrait and studio photographers in the United States. He set up his first photography studio in his garage and it eventually expanded into a 1200 square feet warehouse studio.

He moved back to the Philippines in 2012 as a full time freelance photographer. He has photographed a head of state, CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, athletes, and other people from all walks of life.  He runs his photography business with the highest degree of professionalism, his ethos developed from years of working in Silicon Valley. He completed his scholarship for Visual Journalism at the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University.